What is T10T TV Network??
T10T company and platform launched its own TV network on 5/1-2021
It aims at presenting continuous television throughout the day to the audience and interacting with the audience by choosing programs or committing to watching continuously broadcast programs.
We initially launched 20 different channels
10 channels in English
10 channels in Arabic
 Other channels will be added in different languages according to the geographical area and the spread of the network on the Internet

What is broadcast on different channels???
- We first choose the best videos, programs and content spread on the Internet and various platforms, and we display them on any channel according to the channel's classification
For example, a video about tourism and travel is distinguished, which is shown on the travel channel, and so on
The video is shown via the creator's link to preserve the property rights of the content creators
We choose the best videos for content makers to display on the channels to be suitable for all family members. The quality standard is important to us
- We produce our own programs, dramas and content or in partnership with content makers (this will spread in the future)
- We broadcast movies and series through the companies' link and not directly in order to preserve property rights, but in the future we will contract to broadcast them directly

What will I benefit as a content creator to display my channel and videos on the T10T channel network????
- first
diffusion and focus
Meaning there are more than 55 million content creators on YouTube and like them on Facebook and Tik Tok a lot
Some of them provide bad and inappropriate content, good content is lost in all this traffic
The audience can't focus on good content through millions of videos a year, platform algorithms can't show good content to the audience
It's about viewership and interaction
Here we choose the content manually and after a careful review of it, we present it to the public and nominate it for it
The audience can watch good content without being affected by bad content, get to know the content creator and move to his different pages on social media
The content creator earns free traffic to his channel and without any effort from him and achieves himself spread
We also do free advertising to increase views and subscriptions for content makers
Filtering for good content is a wonderful thing for the audience to be able to view and interact with. It is also suitable for all families, young and old, and is safe for everyone.

- Second
Introducing advertising companies and official sponsors to content makers to advertise on their channels or to find sponsorship contracts for them, as the platform is a forum for content makers, the public and advertising companies

- Third
The platform will provide technical and moral support to content makers so that they can produce more and more

- Fourthly
In cooperation with producers and sponsorship companies, we will contract directly with content makers to provide exclusive content for the channels.

 As a content creator, how do I publish my channel or videos to you??

You have to write to us about your content with the link to your channel or page.
We will review the content carefully and make sure of its quality and that it is suitable for our general policy, and you will receive a quick answer from us with approval or rejection with an explanation
 You can either post with the link to the video or send the video itself.

What are the areas of your channels?
All areas of useful life that provide content rich with information and benefit the public such as kitchen, travel and tourism, technology, courses, general information.......
In addition to all kinds of films, series and dramas, in line with our policy and the quality of artistic and ethical content.

What is your objectionable content?
Bad content of all kinds that incite hatred, violence, fraud, and harmful content or raises controversial issues and causes quarrels among the public As well as any content inciting bullying or infringing on the other in any way

The content must provide a real benefit to the audience and take into account the customs and traditions in every geographical region in the world It should be suitable for children, young people, and adolescents in relation to what is offered to them The technical level should be very distinct in terms of video, photography, lighting, sound and editing topics.

Will the network of channels produce movies, series and programs in the future???
Yes, we are working on that from now on, and work is being prepared in the production department, and we will announce to everyone at the start of the show for our production
We also welcome cooperation with any production company in the production process or to use our platform to be a showcase for it

How do we contact you????
Through the form on the main page of the platform or send a message to our e-mail




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