The T10T is the premier production site for the IDEATech Technology Support Company, which is based in
Targovishte in the state of Bulgaria
The site has been licensed in England and Wales with registry number 13126141
The headquarters and administration became at this address: 71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ
T10T is a social media site and premium content platform around the world that sheds light on content creators and their businesses
The pilot broadcast of the site and the application was carried out on Thursday 7/30/2020 as the first stage of the site, where the site goes through 5 stages of development to become a fully profitable platform for content makers and interactive television for the public, as it was broadcast mainly on 1-1-2021
The site aims to create a clean and useful environment in the world of blogging, so we choose the content makers on the basis of technical and ethical excellence and completely prohibit any unethical content or incite hatred, violence, conflicts, bullying or harassment of any person or group
Therefore, the site is suitable for all members of the family and society, as it is a clean and safe environment for all
The site enables you to show your admiration by like, like, or comments on content pages in accordance with the terms and laws of the site. It also contains a section for access with hundreds of various articles in various fields and in different languages, as well as hundreds of various videos from different parts of the world in different sections and a blog To put forward various ideas and news that suit the content of the site
The family of the site wishes its visitors and users to enjoy the content and share distinctively with everyone

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