Namecheap 2024 is it the best hosting?

What is namecheap hosting?

Namecheap hosting is one of the most popular website

 hosting companies Many services, the most important

 of which are domain registration services and web

 hosting within Multiple hosting packages that we will

 present in detail, in addition to the most important

 advantages and disadvantages of Namecheap and the available price packages.

Namecheap is a web hosting company as well Its basic

 services are domain registration, and the company was established for this purpose in the year 2000.

Namecheap is located in Los Angeles, USA During the

 first decade of its launch in the web hosting market, the

 company Get the third place among the largest

 companies operating in the field of registration Domain

 and web hosting for the world.Namecheap supports

 Websites, especially beginners, have many

 advantages that distinguish them from other web hosting companies.

We will present all the advantages and disadvantages

 of the American company in a review  Hosting a

 namecheap in the following lines, through which we

 aim to introduce  The company and help every site

 owner to choose the best hosting company to ensure

 the security, speed and efficiency of the site without facing any problems later.

Namecheap hosting features

One of the most important advantages of Namecheap is

 that the services provided within the company come

 with prices  Low compared to the prices of hosting

 services offered by other companies  Hosting,

 so Namecheap hosting is the cheapest website hosting

 companyand ranges, however, it cannot be judged that

 the lower price of the cost of services is offset  Less quality of services.

 If you want to book hosting within Name Hosting  Ship

 You can choose from three hosting packages, and

 each of the three packages comes with unlimited data transfer capacity.

Stellar Package: It is the first hosting package, and it costs $3.88 per month ($1.98 after deducting a technical note), and it is possible to create 3 websites on the same package account, in addition to obtaining 20 GB of storage space.

Stellar Plus package: It is the second hosting package, at a price of $5.88 per month ($2.98 after deducting a technical note), and this package allows the creation of an infinite number of websites without incurring any additional costs, in addition to obtaining the automatic copying service as a free service at no charge.

Stellar Business package: It is completely different from the rest of the Namecheap packages, and the price of the package is $9.88 per month ($4.98 after deducting a technical note), and it is cloud hosting, meaning that it guarantees the site more security and stability as a result of the site’s data being on another server, so the site will not be affected by any problem on the server It also gives the site owner 50 GB of storage capacity, in addition to free data backup service and adding an unlimited number of sites.

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Possibility to try hosting a namecheap

Indeed, you are not required to contract for life with or

 lose namecheap hosting Money if you want to leave

 the hosting and this is achieved through a recovery

 service The hosting price paid by the site owner during

 the first 30 days To buy hosting in the event that you do

 not want to complete the hosting with them, and this is

 from Among the most important features that the

 company provides to its customers, which you will not find in most other hosting companies.

Use cPanel control panel

Among the attractions of hosting a namecheap is the

 availability of a cPanel control panel  cPanel, which is

 one of the most important and easy control panels  Use

 due to the availability of the panel in Arabic, which

 makes it easier to deal with it  Tight control over the

 site, especially shared hosting accounts, is considered

  Green Geeks hosting company is the most prominent

 company that uses cPanel with Bluehost hosting.

Choose where to host the site

If you have contracted to buy namecheap hosting, you

 can choose the hosting location  Between the United

 States of America, the Netherlands or Britain,

 customers are always advised  By choosing the

 location of the data center related to the location of

 visitors to the site; To ensure site speed  Reducing the

 distance between visitors and the site to ensure an

 improved user experience  The most prominent

 companies that offer multiple data centers in more than

 one continent  Fast Comet Hosting and A2 Hosting. On

 the contrary  So, you find Bluehost hosting, Interserver

 hosting, and HostGator  Which provides hosting in

 America only. It is worth mentioning that hosting

 reservations are in  Europe, such as the Netherlands or

 Britain, includes an additional cost of $1 on the package price.

Free data backup service

All hosting packages available at Namecheap provide

 customers with copy service Free site backup twice

 every week, while the second package and the

 package The third provides a better site backup

 service, as copies are made on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Get a free domain with Namecheap

Because Namecheap is primarily a domain registrar

 company, so it has  I was keen to provide the free

 domain registration service within the service  Hosting,

 as all hosting packages within the company include

 obtaining  Free domain for a year on great extensions,

 including: .site, .host, and  .online, .live, .pw, .website,

 .fun and more.It is also  You can get the complete

 anonymization service for the domain owner's data

  WHOIS is far from search services but in this case you

 will incur a cost  An additional fee may exceed 10 US

 dollars annually, and we offer it for free with a technical note presentation.

Free use of SSD disks and SSL certificate

Namecheap hosting depends on the fastest type of storage disk, which is Solid State Drivers, so these drives come at a relatively high cost Regular HDD storage, as the company relies on it to increase hosting speed The sites also offer these storage disks for free to their customers. Namecheap provides customers Multiple free SSL security certificates aimed at protecting and encrypting data that is transferred between the site, the visitor, and the browser, and vice versa.

Transfer website to Namecheap hosting for free

In the event that you want to move to namecheap hosting, you will not be charged for this transition As Namecheap gives you the service to move to it for free, that service that it provides Most hosting companies are free, but there is a company like Bluehost hostingIt is offered at an additional cost of up to $150, and Godaday hosting, which may reach $99 for this service.

Unlimited hosting with Namecheap

Shared hosting is one of the best hosting  Bandwidth is limited, so your consumption is not calculated on all packages  Hosting, in addition to the unlimited storage available on the package  The second, but it must be taken into account that the company applies the terms of fair use  By allowing unlimited space to store the site's files and it is not available to store any other files.

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Disadvantages of hosting a namecheap

The rating of the hosting work time is less than good

The working time of hosting Namecheap is approximately 99.8%, although the percentage is close to 100%, however, this low percentage means that the period of stopping the site from working is up to 100% To about 20 minutes every week, as hosting work time is determined by work time The site, and the lower the percentage of hosting work, the longer the site will stop working.

Hosting on Namecheap is not fast

Website loading speed is one of the most important things to consider when buying hosting. The higher the site speed, the better it is to improve the user experience And the ranking of the site in the search engines. Despite the speed of hosting a namecheap However, it is not the best, which indicates that the site will not be the fastest for its visitors Unlike FastComet hosting and Hostinger hosting, which are among the fastest companies.

There is an additional cost for European servers

In the event that the customer wants to book hosting from the European data center in  Britain or the Netherlands, the owner of the site bears an additional cost of $1  The bill is the reverse when you buy hosting on a data center in the USA.

Namecheap hosting price

The US hosting company offers several low-cost hosting packages  With a free domain, it consists of three basic packages

Thus, we have finished our review of Namecheap

 hosting, analyzing its performance, and explaining its strengths and weaknesses objectively.

If you rely on Namecheap to host your site or have

 previous experience with it, we will be happy to know

 your experience and your opinion on the level of

 service you obtained through the comments section below this review.




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