clickadilla for publishers

Best Ad Network After Google AdSense For Publishers


  • Banners

  • Popunder

  • In-page Push

  • In-stream

  • Web-Push

  • Native Ads


  • On request payments

  • 3-7 days approval time

  • 50$ min payout

  • 9 payments methods


  • Advanced inventory

  • Adjustable ad intensity

  • Customizable scripts

  • Profitable format combinations

Bespoke solution for site owners. Fully customizable ad campaigns. One tag. All ad formats.

Detailed statistics

Real time statistics with hourly updates. Integrated GA and YM for better traffic management


Live support

No stupid tickets and waiting — your personal manager is 100% responsible for your experience 

Only one tag

Place our tag on a page once and get a full management of ad formats in your panel

Join thousands of publishers around the world now! 👇👇👇


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