Topics most searched on Google in America

 However, I can provide you with some general topics that have been popular in the past.

 Please note that these may not reflect the current search trends. 

Some popular topics that are often searched on Google in America include:

1. News and current events: People often search for the latest news, updates on sports, politics, entertainment, and other current events.

2. Celebrities: Searches related to celebrities, their personal lives, movies, TV shows, and music are quite common.

3. Technology: Topics like new gadgets, smartphones, software updates, and emerging technologies often attract a lot of searches.

4. Health and wellness: People frequently search for information on fitness, diet plans, mental health, and various medical conditions.

5. How-to guides: Searches for tutorials, DIY projects, cooking recipes, and other instructional content are quite popular.

6. Sports: Americans are passionate about sports, so searches related to NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and other sports leagues, as well as major sporting events, are common.

7. Movies and TV shows: People often search for information about upcoming movies, TV series, actors, and plot details.

8. Travel destinations: Searches for vacation spots, travel tips, and hotel recommendations are popular among those planning trips.

9. Finance and investments: People search for information on stocks, cryptocurrencies, personal finance, and investment strategies.

10. Social media and internet culture: Searches related to popular social media platforms, viral videos, memes, and internet trends are also quite common.

Remember that these topics are based on general observations and may vary over time. 

For the most up-to-date information, you can visit Google Trends or other similar platforms that provide real-time search data.




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