Top 20 Easy Ways to Make Money  Online for Free 2024

best way to make money from internet 


Everyone is hankering after money in this world. Though money is not everything, we need money to satisfy our worldly needs.

 Without it, our life becomes difficult to live. 

People go here and there to know how they will be able to earn money online. 

Today I am telling you “how to earn money online for free” with proper guidelines.

Earn money money online

  1.     Online Surveys

The demand for online surveys is increasing day by day.

 It can be a great solution for the students to make a standard amount of money in a very short time.

 We are wasting our time doing a lot of meaningless deeds. But, being a little bit aware of your income, you can earn money by online surveys.

 Companies always employ new members to research their products worldwide.

 Here, your job is not so difficult to do; rather you just have to fill up online surveys in your leisure time.

 You can try out on a few popular sites: Opinion Bureau, Survey Junkie, Marketagent, Opinion Panel, Panel Base, Inbox Pounds, Branded Surveys.


  1.     Start  Your Own Website

Are you interested in any passive income? Then this idea is only for you. 

This is such a way of income where you can still earn money while you are sleeping. You can buy a web host to start a website.

 Nowadays it does not cost so much. 

Starting a website, you need to plug it into your social media account so that you can manage your first visitors

. Then, there are a lot of ways you can monetize your site. There are plenty of successful websites on the internet that were started by the students.

Now, you must have realized what a bright future is waiting for you.

  1.     Review  Apps and Websites

Many websites and apps are ready to pay you for your review. 

You can earn money just by reviewing apps and websites. It is not a difficult way you know.

 It can take only ten minutes to write a review. Then you can windrow them via Paypal. 

The procedure for reviewing an app or a website is so easy.

 Just you have to sign up and complete your review. Then you will get a message from that website. 

So, try it today.


  1.     Publish an eBook online

This idea is undoubtedly for the skillful guys.

 If you are an expert in writing, this can change your life. Amazon kindle store allows everyone to publish eBooks. 

This can bring money. To do this, you need to download the kindle app. 

Now it is available on any device (smartphones, iPods, or laptops). You can write fiction or nonfiction. First of all, you need to research what you are going to do.

 You ought to keep in mind that your product should be readers friendly.

 Then, complete writing an eBook. For this job, a well-designed cover page matters a lot. People like to worship beauty.

 So, try out to design your cover page in an artistic way. Finally, get unlimited income with your writing skill.

  1.     Freelancing

You have any technical skills in graphics design, web design, or digital marketing; you can earn a smart amount of money by selling your service on digital marketplaces. 

Here you have the opportunity to work with global people. Millions of buyers are searching for this kind of service on online marketplaces.

 If you do not have skill enough, you can easily learn them by completing a course on any of these. 

SEO CLERK, Fiverr, Upwork, etc are popular marketplaces where you easily can sell your service if you are skillful.

  1.     Review Music

You also can earn money by reviewing music.

 If you love listening to music, you can turn it into your business too.

 Some websites (as pay their reviewers. It is said, people do not earn a huge amount of money doing so. 

But if it is your passion for listening to music, then it won’t be a difficult task for you.


  1.     Sell Your Notes Online

You can upload your notes online to earn extra cash. There are hundreds of thousands of sites where you can sell your notes. 

When other students will download this note, they have to pay for this. So, it is a nice way to earn money for the students.


  1.     Business with Domain Names

A domain name is what people call it a website address. There are plenty of extensions (.net, .com, .eg etc). They do not cost so much to register.

 Always remember to pick such names that have great commercial values. 

Then you can sell them at a very premium rate.

  1.     Sell Your Photos

If you are a photographer or you like photography, this can be a golden opportunity for you.

 You just have to capture creative photos and upload them on those websites that want photos from you.

 You also make extra money by selling photo subjects. Its search volume is not so much, but fit to offer you extra money.


  1.     Sell Clothes Online

If you don’t mind you can get a good profit selling your clothes online. 

Just buy them when their demand is low and sell them when their demand is on fire with a good profit.

 But, here you have to take a risk. Sometimes, your prediction may not be all right.


  1.     YouTube  Videos

YouTube is a popular social media nowadays. Whenever people need any guidelines, events, or anything they want to watch, they try to search them on YouTube. It has become a trend in the present world.

 If you are a smart video maker, you can easily start your business on YouTube. 

The payment depends on the number of viewers. The income comes actually from advertising.


  1.     Virtual  Assistantship

Virtual assistantship means working from a distant place with your clients. 

There are so many people who are too busy to handle their work alone. 

They offer jobs for other people to work as an assistant. The virtual assistants are offered companies, entrepreneurs, and business support. 

Some of the areas of virtual assistantship are email correspondence, making phone calls, writing, editing, data entry, internet research, graphics design, project management, proofreading, blog management, social media management, etc. Becoming a virtual assistant (VA) you may require some qualifications.

 In this type of job, good communication skill gets more priority.


  1.     Language Translating

If you know another language other than your mother tongue, you can earn money by translating documents. There are many sites that offer you to translate a document from one language into another.

 Even you have the opportunity to work as a translator in some digital marketplaces. 

Though it is undoubtedly time-consuming work, you have opportunities to get a handsome salary.

  1.     Affiliate  Marketing

Affiliate marketing can offer a passive income by promoting others’ business. 

If you have a website that is very well-going, you can insert any company’s web link.

 They will give a certain amount of commission from their selling on your page. 

You can call it a partnership business as well.


  1.     Content  Writing

You can work as a content writer for a website. Apart from this, you have opportunities to work on digital marketplaces.

 If you are a standard content writer, you will be able to get a standard amount of money.

 Here, the buyers will provide a niece or topic. You have to write about this.


  1.     Data Entry

If you have good typing skills, you can do this work. Though the scope of data entry jobs has decreased due to automation, yet this is available in most of the freelancing sites.


  1.     PTC  sites

PTC stands for Paid-to-Click. Some websites offer money for clicking on advertisements. 

You need to register before starting the project. But, you should be aware of the fake sites. PTC sites also offer you extra-money for referring your friends. 

Some popular sites are BuxP, NeoBux,, etc.


  1.     Podcasts

The demand for podcasts is increasing so fast. Nowadays, people prefer to listening to audio contents rather than reading any longer content. 

So, it’s a golden time for you to start your business as a podcaster. 

You can launch your own podcast and monetize it with Google ads. 

Thus, you can earn money online. Some major podcast platforms are Spotify, Sticher, TuneIn, iTunes, etc.

  1.     Start  A Blog

You can earn by blog posts. 

This is better to build a blog site to start blogging. 

There are plenty of web 2.0 sites that offer you build your own websites in the shortest possible time. 

You can make money through Google Adsense.


  1.     Guest  Blogging

There are a lot of sites across the world that offer money for guest blogging. 

They need blogs on some specific nieces. 

You can make a handsome amount of money by this. The scope of guest blogging is rising up with the passage of time.

 You have to show the sample of your work to a website owner. 

Then, wait for the approval. In most of the cases, the writers get paid based on the word count.

 Final Verdict 

There are hundreds of ways to earn online.

 Even then, people run after looking for ways one after another.

 Actually, the most important thing is to be persistent. 

I think our guidelines will help you much to earn money online. 

We are just showing the way. You have to materialize it with your skill and persistence. 





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