Profit from YouTube

Profit from YouTube

The most and easiest way to spread in the fields of profit from the Internet and make money from self-employment is the YouTube platform, the famous site owned by the giant Google, the site, as everyone knows, a profitable platform for video and visual content makers, which is the most famous and largest video blogging site and to reap excellent profits from the video industry

How to start a profit from YouTube ????

A question that comes on many tongues, but you have to first think about what you will do on YouTube, what is the type of content, how to create content that generates views, and how to achieve the spread of my channel and success before thinking about profits and gain

Because it is a relationship related to a large number of views and the spread = good money making

Therefore, preparing to work through YouTube is the most important step to start with

--- How to prepare for work through YouTube and what are the starting steps ????

  1.  Choosing the idea What is the idea of the content that the channel revolves on, for example, tourism, kitchen, education ... but choose an idea that you can implement and you have the capabilities for it and the idea closest to your heart so that you are always excited about it

  2. You prepare a script for loops, channel overview, and various paragraphs    

  3. Teaching photography well and professionally, either with a camera or mobile, according to the available capabilities  

  4. Teaching montage, which is the most important so that the video is of high quality, as well as Photoshop or photo editing program 

  5. Create a channel on YouTube, choose a good name for it, and link the channel to the AdSense program for profit   

  6. Shooting video clips and uploading them to the channel to achieve views

--- How do I get high views and spread for the YouTube channel ????

  1. Unique and attractive channel name

  2. Videos with high-definition shooting, picture and sound quality

  3. A captivating title for every video

  4. A distinct and impressive image for each video, profile, and page front

  5. A simple explanation of the video in the description box

  6. Put keywords for the video to help it appear in searches

  7. An explanation of the channel, its goals, and words of encouragement to the viewer in the description of the channel

  8. Create various social media pages for the channel to attract viewers from it and to market the channel

  9. Follow all channel e-marketing methods and viewer targeting processes

  10. Create paid advertising campaigns on YouTube, Google, and all social media sites


* We do not advise at all to buy channel views and subscribers, as the modern AI system can easily detect it and not count it or expose you to closing the channel with repetition and the resulting loss of your money, time, and business

--- Can I earn money from YouTube and how much will the channel's profits be ????

Of course, you can earn money from YouTube as others do, but it is not at all easy. The competition is intense now, and the content must impose itself on viewers to subscribe to the channel and achieve high views, so you can earn money

How much will you win? No one in the world can answer this question because it is an absolutely unstable profit that varies from one video to another, and from country to country and according to history, many factors control the profit process

But in a simplified way, you are in a country that calculates a thousand views with 2 dollars, so what you achieve is a million views, 2000 dollars, and so on, but it is not a measure at all.

If you dream of winning and succeeding and have an ambition, you should start now and immediately to prepare because every day that passes you the competition becomes very intense and the chances of success are ever more difficult now and strive and be patient



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