How to earn money with your links

What exactly is a Link-Shortener and how to earn money with that?

As you should know, we’re not the only Link Shortener.
But what exactly is a Link Shortener and how we can earn money with that?

We have answers to these questions in this article. 

What is a Link Shortener?

A Link Shortener allows you to shorten a link, as the name already says.

But it also allows you to choose the beginning and end of it.➤ The best part is: It will get paid, so you earn money with your links.

The idea is to quickly and, above all, easily shorten links and then make money with them, becausebehind these links there is, of course, content that can be accessed.

But you should not share these links in any forums or blog articles, where nobody will find them.

Links, in summary, are often shared in the wrong places, which is inefficient.So, earn money with links? Is that possible? — Yes !

Very simple and nowhere better than at Linkvertise.But what exactly does a link shortener like us do to make this work?

How to make money with it?

Our website aims to monetize the traffic you generate on the internet through your links, so that it is efficient. 

But how it works?

For example, you may want to link a download under your YouTube video, post links on Twitter, or link something in forums.➤ This is exactly where Linkvertise comes into use:

You take your link and enter it into the appropriate field at Linkvertise.

A new link is created and when a user clicks on it, you earn money every time thanks to the ads in between.

Step by Step

Another problem, besides sharing in the wrong places, is the point that often the wrong content is published.

 Here are some points that you should pay attention to in order to earn money efficiently.➤

 Your goal is to create content that people want and are willing to go through the Ad-Steps to get to your content, and to publish your links in the right places.One thing is clear:

➤ You should become the point of interest, and the best way to do that is with search engine optimization, that the people can find your content.

1 Share content, people really have an interest.Downloads like GTA mods are very good for this, for example.

Codes provided in a tutorial you can link with Linkvertise. 

Many people will want to have this code because they are explicitly looking for something like this.

But this is just an example.➤

 It’s time to think about what area you can think of, what is interesting for yourself and what you can make content for or have content for and distribute it.!

 But always pay attention to our guidelines, which you can always read in another blog article.

2 Maybe start a YouTube channel and create videos about your content.

3 Then, optimize your videos with the search-engine-optimization and …

4 Earn money through your Linkvertise link as described above.


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