Can we really control backlinking and generate web traffic?

If you have a website then you are familiar with terms like web traffic and search engine optimization techniques and tips. A search engine optimized web page or website will generate better web traffic since it will be placed at a higher page rank and at position of best visibility.

Link building is a very popular and common method of attracting the search engine for a better page rank. There are various types of links which are considered by search engines like inter-linking, reciprocate linking, back linking and others. Interlinking is basically linking websites belonging to the same owner. Thus it depends on the owner how well he can link his websites with appropriate keywords and makes a smart SEO move. Back linking, on the other hand, happens when another blogger places a link to your website in his web page. Back linking is often called external linking. This may seem that back linking cannot be controlled. But there are certain techniques by which you can actually establish some degree of control on it:

  1. Place a linking code in the side bar of your webpage: This method will encourage people with similar websites to place backlinks and do publicity for your website. There are many bloggers who may not know how to place external links and refer your content. This HTML code with specific instructions and headers will help them do so.

  2. Publish few articles in content farms: Content farms are websites which publish article on a variety of topics. Publish one or two articles in these content farms. This increases your chance of getting referred in other people’s articles. Number of back links thus automatically increases.

  • Take advantage from discussion forums: Try to search for discussion forums related to your content category. Use Bing or Google or other unpaid search engines for this. Participate in these discussion forums and place links to your website. These links will act as back links when searched by the crawlers or bots of Google.

  1. Take advantage from social media: Social media today have become the most popular way of getting known. It is important to have a social media account for your business or blog. It is very easy to acquire one. Post comments and initiate discussion threads regarding your content. Bloggers need to be completely active in these accounts. This is a unique and simple way to gain publicity these days.

Two points however needs to be referred in this context of back linking:

  1. Organic search engines prefer back links within reputed and trustworthy websites. Back links provided by websites that are new on the block or those with poor content or link building websites or those websites that have content completely belonging to a different niche are considered to be of very less weight or no value.

It is all about quality and not quantity. Paid links are not counted by popular search engines when they consider web page ranking



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