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The Food Ranger

My name is Trevor James and I live to eat and travel.  I live for street food and local food, and I'm traveling to taste it. I'm a hungry traveler that's currently living abroad in Chengdu, Sichuan China,  eating as much delicious food as I can. So far, I've eaten and filmed street food and local cuisine in China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Eating the same food as local Chinese, Malaysian, or Thai people has showed me that it's best to travel almost solely for the food! My dream is to keep eating and traveling the world forever, a non-stop adventure!  I live to travel, and I know you do too! I love eating street foods and culinary treats while learning about new cultures! Food is different around the world, and I want to share it with you. Food is something that connects us all, and to me, food is the best way to connect and have a true cultural experience! 

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