Mark Wahlberg

Mark Robert Michael (born June 5, 1971, in Boston, Massachusetts) is an actor, model, singer, producer, songwriter, restaurateur, rapper, television producer, and soundtrack composer.

 He started his life as a member of the youth group New Kids on Da Block, and then as a solo singer and rapper under his stage name Marky Mark with his band The Funky Punch, and one of his most famous songs is "Good Vibrations".

 He is also famous as a model, and in advertisements.

And then left the field of singing, to devote his life as an actor. Nominated for an Academy Award, he is also a film producer. 

He acted in many films such as Three Kings, The Departed, and The Fighter.

Birth name:    Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg

Born      June 5, 1971 (age 50 years)

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

staying        Los Angeles

Citizenship   United States

religion        Protestant

Wife        Rhea Doram (g. 2009)

sons           4 


Donnie Wahlberg

Robert Alberg

Paul Wahlberg

career 28 films

Nominations and Awards


Best Supporting Actor in 2007 for The Departed

Golden Globes

Best Supporting Actor in 2007 for The Departed

Best Actor 2011 for The Fighter

social media

Facebook      24 M subscribers

Instagram      18 M



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